Rainwater Irrigation

Rainwater Irrigation

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  • Water Level Indicator - For 5 Gal Bucket (~2')-1

    Water Level Indicator - For 5 Gal Bucket (~2')

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    Description One of the main troubles people have with Gravity Blumat systems comes from forgetting to refill the reservoir and letting the carrots dry out. With this simple water level indicator installed, you can see with a quick glance how soon you'll need to refill. If you already have a 5-gallon bucket system, you can just add on the water level kit with this product. This product includes: 1' 8mm Clear Flex Tube 1 (One) Blumat 8mm Tee 1 (One) 8mm Union Two Zip-Ties

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  • Blumat XL Gravity Kit - Automatic Watering Irrigation System for up to 40 Plants-1

    Blumat XL Gravity Kit - Automatic Watering Irrigation System for up to 40 Plants

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    Description This kit, like the more common Blumat XL pressure kit, is tuned for gravity-fed systems rather than a pressure system, which means it's also electricity-free. It does not include a pressure regulator, but it does come with 2 thru-hull adapters (for connecting to a reservoir), an on/off valve, and an extra Tee splitter. This way, you can easily incorporate the recommended loop method into your system (instructions included.) If you love plants, you'll love these Blumat kits. From a reservoir, this one will easily water two, 4'x8' raised beds or a large combination of plants in pots, planter boxes, or various landscaping. 40 Blumat sensors will ensure that your crops are properly watered - even when you're not home!   This Kit Includes: 40 Blumat sensor carrots (5") 15 meters 8mm Water supply tubing 2 bulkhead fitting (8mm thru-hull) 2 tees (8mm) 1 elbow (8mm) 1 Reducing Tee (8x3x8mm) 2 end pieces (3mm to 8mm elbow) 1 Shut Off valve   Installation instructions   Increase your yields and decrease grow times. Our fully-automatic, self-watering systems save time, water, and nutrients - and still ensure healthier, more potent, and faster-growing crops.   Perfect for landscapers and home gardeners. This kit includes forty 5" carrots and all the parts required for a gravity-fed system. Reservoirs should be at least 3' above ground-level.   The Tropf Blumat system is great for watering balcony boxes, planters, hanging baskets, and row crops. It fulfills the needs of the plants on an individual basis, regardless of their location, light levels, or plant type. Our systems save your plants from excessive and improper watering. Tropf Blumat systems are ideal for plant groupings that require consistent moisture, such as vegetable gardens, bushes, flower beds, grow bags and greenhouse containers. Not only do your plants receive the right amount of water, slow and consistent dripping ensures that your plants receive warmed water, avoiding shock.   How it works   The Tropf Blumat self-watering system functions automatically. As the soil dries, a vacuum and hydro-static pressure, coupled with a spring-loaded gating mechanism, pulls water from the main line. When the soil is sufficiently moist, pressures equalize, and the Tropf Blumat automatically stops taking in water. PLEASE NOTE: This system does not include a water source. See our 5-gallon Reservoirs, sold with or without thru-hulls installed. Let us know if we can help you select the right products for your custom irrigation system!

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  • 5 Gallon Basket Strainer - 12" x 2.4" 18 mesh-1

    5 Gallon Basket Strainer - 12" x 2.4" 18 mesh

    Description Build your own rainwater catchment system. Put this strainer on top of your reservoir and route a rain gutter into the top of the basket. Works well with standard 5 gallon buckets.


  • Bulkhead Fitting - 3/4"-1

    Bulkhead Fitting - 3/4"

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    Description 3/4" Bulkhead Fitting

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  • Rainwater Irrigation Watering Kit-1

    Rainwater Irrigation Watering Kit

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    Description Rainwater Irrigation KitThis Kit Includes: 1 - Irritec Tape x 600 Hose Fitting 100 ft. Drip Tube 1/2" 1 - Gravity System Timer 1 - Bulkhead Fitting 3/4" male hose x 1/2" FPT 1 - Filter Screen, 1/2" FPT 3 - Perma-Loc 1/2" Elbows 1 - Perma-Loc 1/2" Swivel Adapter 33 ft. BluSoak 2.0 Drip Tape 1 - BluSoak Drip Tape End/Flush Plug

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  • 55 Gallon Basket Strainer - 16" x 7.1" 18 mesh-1

    55 Gallon Basket Strainer - 16" x 7.1" 18 mesh

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    Description Build your own rainwater catchment reservoir with this 16" strainer and with a bulkhead fitting, quickly set-up your own rainwater irrigation system. Unlike our 5 gallon version that fits on almost all 5 gallon buckets, these fit some, but not all 55 gallon drums. If the opening on your barrel has a hole on the top bigger than 16"  you'll need to either cut a circle for it in the top you have, or in something else that will cover the rest of the reservoir's top -- and you can use these same methods with for almost any size reservoir.

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  • Tree & Shrub Drinks: Elbow Soaker-1

    Tree & Shrub Drinks: Elbow Soaker

    Description Sink your water deep where it won't evaporate and will get where your big roots need it most. Have you ever scratched the ground surface after a big rain or watering expecting lots of wet earth only to find only surface moisture? That's where most drip irrigation gets the water. This is fine for small plants but what about your big trees and shrubs? These 7" soaker stakes will solve the problem. Just install inline with standard 1/2" drip tubing and watch how much faster your large plants grow. The elbows are for single site application or to end a series of stakes. 



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