If you've watched our videos, read our information, talked with us in person or on the phone, you know what we think. The video evaluations here, made independently by some of our customers, can give you a bigger, possibly more objective perspective.

Tropf Blumats

For our Tropf product page, click here.

Joshua Steensland

"How I set up my Trompf Blumat drip system and how it works."

KIS Organics

Featuring Blumats and the "Pulse Watering Technique"


See their self-watering, moisture sensing, gravity fed hydroponic system.

Dank Squared

"In my opinion, one of the best automatic watering systems on the market."


Setting Up Blumats in an Organic Cannabis Garden

Greengenes Garden

Blumats: Gravity Power Automated Watering System

Tap Roots Growing

"In this video, I finally set up my Blumats."

Backyard Homestead

"Today we set up the Blumat drip tape watering system into my living soil beds."

Sparky's Grow Room

A calibrated Blumat system keeps an even moisture level, resulting in greater yields... "I really like the Blumat product I've purchased."

Catz Weeds

Cannabis Growing for the Chronically Ill and Disabled

Polar Bear

Moving Plants Outside to Inside and Back with a Blumat Watering System

Rick in the Shed

"Are you growing organically? If you are, you really need to check out this Blumat setup."

Happy Hydro

Setting Up Blumats in Backyard Raised Beds

Stiks Be Growin

Setting up Blumats in No-Till Flower Tents


How to set up Blumats and then germinate autoflower seeds with them!

Organnabis Grow

Installing Blumats in a Gravity, Organic Tent-Grow


A Blumat System in South Africa.

Homestead life Finland

"We installed an automatic drip irrigation system 'Blumat' for both of our greenhouses."

Dutch Pepper Lovers

Blumat Testimonial and Tips in Dutch.

Blumat Classics

To see our Blumat Classics products, click here.

Folha Plant Shop

Tried and tested a million times since its introduction in 1965, here's the classic for indoor plants.

Indoor Roses

If you’re going on a short vacation and need to keep your houseplants watered and healthy, these may work for you.

Da Kine Garden Stuff

Using Blumat Classics in an Outdoor Desert Garden

Happy Hydro

Blumat Classic & Blumat Easy Watering Systems

Sincerely George

"I have been using the Blumat devices this year for my deck garden and they have proven very effective. I traveled extensively this year and the Blumat's worked very well."


Blumat Classics: "Kept my houseplants alive and well for over 2 weeks!!!"

Charlie D

Blumat Classics: "Great solution for vacations or anytime you're away from your plants. Daily watering keeps your plants thriving and healthy."

USA Grow Shop

Installing Blumat Classics - With Only One Hand!

Saffrons Garden

Saffron's Garden Plant Club members receive a free Blumat Classic!

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