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    Description This classic looking solid metal mister, sprays water in fine and small amounts, while being aesthetically-pleasing and pragmatic. The spray is great for keeping plants clean from dust, for increasing humidity, or even for spraying fertilizer if needed. The comfortable handle makes daily misting easy. Some of the best sprayers are those that can live in close proximity to the plants for convenient regular misting. For that, the mister needs to look nice enough for display like this model. With its stainless steel and polished copper finish, this metal spray mister holds its own next to a prized orchid or bonsai tree. The 10-ounce spray mister comes in copper, brass, or nickel. Details Materials Metal Plastic Rubber   Dimensions Weight: 0.3 lb. Total height: 6" Diameter: 3.5" Volume: 10 fl. oz.   Instructions   Plant Mister Instructions: To use the metal mister, fill with water, hold the small loop handle with the fingers then depress the top with the thumb to release a fine mist. Video

    Out of stock

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