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  • 3mm Drip Tube for Blumat Systems - 50' Roll

    3mm Drip Tube for Blumat Systems

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    Description BLUMAT READY - This 3mm drip tubing readily integrates with blumats, and attaches to included tees! BLUSOAK/DISTRIBUTION DRIPPERS - This tubing will integrate drippers and/or tape to blumat systems! HIGH QUALITY - Made of silicone and extremely durable, this pliable tubing is easy to work with! RARE 3MM SIZING - Order from us -- your local hardware store won't have this unique size! DISCRETE - Gray-brown color blends in easily with soil and planters--no need for unsightly tubing! This 3mm tubing is ideal for blumat watering systems and other unique irrigation applications. This is the sizing that is included with each blumat. This tubing runs through the caps/tops of each tropf blumat as well as the classic models.This 3mm tubing size is also the tubing size designed for integrating distribution drippers to blumat systems. If you want to string drippers around your container, you will want some of this tubing! This 3mm silicone tubing is also ideal for integrating BluSoak drip tape to blumat watering systems as well. This is really the choice tubing for automatic drip irrigation kit(s) and any blumat watering system.The silicone material is extremely high quality, and will endure in high-UV environments (like outdoors), under intense artificial lighting, or even underground! It can be handled like a piece of wet spaghetti, eliminating the need for additional fittings like "90-degree elbows" or other pieces required for acute angles or steep turns. This is the same 3mm tubing included with each blumat - so if you're looking for more of that rare material, look no further!This is the tubing that connects the Blumat sensors to the 8mm main line. The sensors all come with short lengths of this but if you want to install some further away, this is the way to do it. It's also the tubing used to connect the Blumat distributors to the Blumat sensors. This is useful for planter boxes, long rows or big plants that need more water from all sides.

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