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  • IrroCloud Monitor IC-10-IR-1

    IrroCloud Monitor IC-10-IR

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    Description Real-time, accurate data showing you the moisture levels at each sensor in your system - too wet, too dry, or just right! It not only gives you the here-and-now information but also has an adjustable timeline for historic and/or specific dates and times. For example, you can start with a 3-month graph and then zoom in on any day and time.Although very simple, easy to use and interpret, it still provides vital, accurate, and critical information. It even tells you how many hours and minutes your irrigation system was on as well as rain gauge information (if you get that option).The four C batteries that normally last more than 2 years power the IrroCloud which connects with up to 6 Voltage Irrometers for soil moisture readings. These sensors report directly to the IRROcloud platform without any need for additional gateways or devices. If not the most, at least one of the most simple, affordable, and reliable solutions for automatically collecting sensor data and storing it in the cloud, for quick access at any time. Since the IrroCloud doesn't require an external power source or even a solar panel, you can easily install it in even the most challenging fields and orchards.The IRROcloud web application provides an intuitive interface with a quick reference dashboard and graphing suite.

    17 in stock



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