Best Ways to Water Houseplants

Mistaken watering methods define the main cause for houseplants dying. Overwatering remains the main offender but of course plants also have problems from not watering enough. The slow and automatic water supply from Blumat products make it easy to keep your houseplant watering levels ideal for each particular plant. They make the question, "How often should houseplants be watered?" irrelevant. Simple, efficient, and easy to install; your plants can take care of themselves while you are on vacation or otherwise busy with the rest of your life. If you have a Blumat-savvy garden store nearby, they may give free Blumat Classics when you buy an expensive plant from them. It’s a great marketing tool for them because the healthier your houseplants stay, the more likely you will be to buy more.

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Blumat Classics

An unexpected trip without time to prepare? Time to prepare but you forgot about your houseplants? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable giving someone you don’t know well the key to your house just so they can water your houseplants? Blumat Classics to the rescue! They siphon water from a vase, jar, or from anything that holds water into your houseplants for as long as the container has water. You can leave for weeks and not worry! They also make it much easier to water when you’re at home; just fill up the water container. You adjust the amount of water the plant receives by lowering or raising the container, you can adjust for anything between cactus and tropical plants.


Blumat Bottle Adapters

Bottle adapters don’t look as good as our Glass Globes but they’re less expensive and give you a good way to recycle plastic bottles. Their tapering, universal tip fits into a wide range of bottle sizes, just poke a hole in the bottom to let air in and the water slowly out. We usually cut the entire bottom off so you can fill them with a watering can. This saves time but also means you will need to clean or replace them more often; adding a little hydrogen peroxide once in awhile also helps with cleaning and prevents algae.


Blumat Glass Globes

Often the best solutions for watering houseplants, these hand-blown glass globes look beautiful, make your watering job easier, and keep your plants healthy and happy without needing electricity, power, batteries, or timers. These glass globes automatically give your plants water as needed. They need refilling about every week so not as good as Blumat Classics but they make it easy when you’re at home or only gone for short trips.



Some plants love misting, thrive with it, and don’t do well without it. Most of us don’t realize how much it can save water and help plants through heat spells. Plants use transpiration and evaporation to keep cool which takes lots of the plant's work and time. Misting plants during hot spells helps them with that job and also saves water.


Bonsai Watering

Bonsai - both indoor and outdoor - represent some of the most difficult watering challenges. Small pots without much soil holding big roots means we don’t have much watering flexibility. These small trees have a very hard time with either too much or not enough water. Our Bonsai Watering Kits solve these problems and give you more time for the more artistic bonsai projects like wiring and trimming.


Houseplant Vacation Kit

Blumat Classics are the ideal houseplant watering solution for when you travel. These porous ceramic cones are placed near the plant and connected to a main line that is attached to a reservoir. If you have a row of larger plants, instead of needing to use several water containers, you can use the Houseplant Vacation Kit. This product self-waters 10-12 large plants and keeps them well-watered for 2 weeks or more while you are on vacation. Because large plants need more water than small plants, this kit will also save you a huge amount of time when you're at home. You can water the plants close together or when they are far apart.</p><p>You can add more classics to the main 8mm line or add another kit and second bulkhead fitting to the same bucket to extend your watering output.



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