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Blumat Glass Globes Plant Watering Stakes

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  • Blumat Glass Globe

    Blumat Glass Globe

    Description Not just a beautiful decoration, these glass watering globes include the patented Blumat Bottle Adapters and regulate water flow by soil type and dryness. The perfect solution for taking care of your houseplants, they slowly and steadily provide water without either over or under-watering. A big help both while away on vacation as well as when still at home, they not only give the plants water but also regulate it based on temperature, growth cycles, and size of plant.An automatic plant watering device that requires no power, electricity, batteries, timers, or any other accessories, they can dramatically upgrade your watering schedule. Details Materials Glass Plastic Silicone Clay Dimensions Weight: 18 oz. Total height: 8 & 1/2" Diameter: 4 & 3/8" Volume: 23 fl. oz. Flow Rate Approx. 7 fl. oz. per 24 hours Instructions Fill the glass globe with water. Push the cone downward into the soil. Watch your plant thrive! Comparison Chart Tropf Blumat Blumat Classic Glass Globe Blumat Bottle Adapter Vacation Ready ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Adjustable ✓ ✓ Out-of-Box Ready ✓ ✓ ✓ Custom System Integration ✓ Max. Water Delivery p/ 24 hrs Adjustable/Unlimited 200ml 118ml 200ml Ideal Location to Water Raised Bed/Garden/Potted Plants Houseplant Houseplant Houseplant Additional Info More Info Refill the Glass Globe with water as often as needed to keep plants constantly watered. The Glass Globe is an aesthetically-superior option to plastic or wine bottles. This 23 oz (4 3/8") glass globe can deliver about 200 milliliters (.43 pint) during a 24 hour period.   Video


  • Blumat Glass Globe Large

    Blumat Glass Globe Large Replacement

    Description In case you break a glass globe, you can still keep using the bottle adapter base alone or get this replacement top. The same adapter will work in the same way.


  • Glass Globe Adapters-1

    Glass Globe Adapters

    Description coming soon.



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