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Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

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  • Blumat Digital Moisture Meter-1

    Blumat Digital Moisture Meter

    Description Description This professional moisture meter will show you how dry or wet the soil is at the push of a button. The digital moisture meter can be an ideal tool to help when dialing in your Blumat or other garden irrigation system. Keeping your soil at the ideal moisture level keeps microbes and other microorganism populations happy. *DO NOT GET ELECTRIC/DIGITAL PART OF METER WET. USE PROTECTIVE CAP, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE USING THESE OUTSIDE, HAND-WATERING, OR FREQUENTLY APPLY FOLIAR SPRAYS. How it Works The ceramic extension is soaked in and filled with water, just like a Blumat sensor. When this is inserted into the growing medium, the medium exerts a pressure on the water inside the cone. When the medium is more dry, it pulls harder on the water inside the cone. When the medium is more moist, the force pulling inside the cone is less. These forces of pressure correlate to different readings on the meter. A reading of 0 indicates standard water, while a high reading of 750 or so indicates sawdust completely void of moisture. The digital moisture meter is a tensiometer, but indicates moisture levels using pressure as a correlative. Reset Your Meter! When you first get your Digital Moisture Meter, it is best practice to reset it. It's also advisable to reset it periodically with continuous use. Click here for instructions. Details Materials Clay Plastic Dimensions Weight: 2.6oz Total length: 9.4" Max soil depth: 7.25"" Top width: 1.8" Sensor width: 1" Power 1 CR2032 battery (installed, replaceable). Water Proof? No. Protect digital top from water. Stand Alone Product? Yes Comparison Chart Blumat Digital Moisture Meter Analog Moisture Meter 12" Low Tension Irrometer Measures Moisture in mBar hPa, hPa = mBar kPa, kPa = 10 x mBar Accurate Readings in About 45 minutes to an hour As little as 5-10 minutes Almost instant Can Get Wet No Yes Yes Needs a Battery Yes. Can be replaced: IG16246 No No Needs a Service Kit No No Yes. One sevice kit can service multiple irrometers: IG17954 Additional Info Additional Info Wait until after watering media to let the moisture evenly disperse and stabilize before trusting readings from the meter. Aim for 100mbar on average in living soil. Some gardeners report best results at 40mbar–I personally get overwatering symptoms there. Let mbar readings on your meter be a guide to plant health, not a tyranny that rules your mental peace. The meter cannot be used in extremely airy or chunky media such as chunky perlite, lava rock, etc. When the ceramic is in contact with air, the pressure readings will be extremely high. However, your plant roots may have access to moisture in these media even when the meter is displaying high readings. Avoid getting the digital display wet. The protective cap is highly encouraged in all circumstances, and is completely necessary for outdoor growers as well as those who supplement with any over-the-top watering. Do not drop or otherwise rattle the display. Keep the digital display in dry storage when it’s not in use. Guide to Blumat Digital Moisture Meter | Irrigation Equipment


  • Digital Moisture Meter Cap-1

    Digital Moisture Meter Cap

    Description A cap to protect your digital meter top


  • Blumat Digital Moisture Meter - Top Replacement Only

    Blumat Digital Moisture Meter - Top Replacement Only

    Description The Blumat Digital moisture meter is a super accurate water moisture reader that measure the moisture content of your plant at root level. This is the replacement top for the moisture meter and is great for making an old item brand new!DO NOT WET THE DISPLAY. Moisture can cause damage to the LCD display. If using outside or in conjunction with hand-watering or foliar feeds, use our cap here.


  • Blumat Digital Moisture Meter - Long 16"

    Blumat Digital Moisture Meter - Long 16"

    Description Just like our original Blumat Digital Moisture Meter but 16" long to take readings from deep in your pots.Do not get the actual digital reader display wet! Moisture will damage the LCD display and reader. If you are using this meter outdoors, in conjunction with hand-watering and/or foliar feeding, please check out our digital meter caps here.


  • Digital Meter Battery-1

    Digital Meter Battery

    Description Battery for Blumat Digital Meter



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