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    Biochar Supersnacks for Houseplants

    Description Houseplant Super FoodDust-free biochar soil amendment for maximum plant and planetary healthBecause most houseplant mixes mainly have only perlite and peat moss, which have little to no nutrient value, adding biochar can make a big difference in houseplant health. Activated biochar can hold 6x its weight in water, but it starts out extremely dry, and the biochar used in greenhouses and on farms can create a dark dust not welcome inside your home. To solve this problem, we charge this version with both moisture and important nutrients, which eliminates dust and keeps your plants and home looking their best. Biochar's ability to absorb and store water and nutrients helps prevent root rot, while keeping moisture available to roots for longer periods of time—a great comfort for those of us who worry about our plants while away, especially when paired with Blumat Classic Plant Watering Stakes. While keeping your plants healthier, biochar benefits our environment and prevents a little global warming. Biochar can keep carbon in the soil for thousands of years instead of letting it pollute the air. It also stops nitrogen from turning into the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide. Making biochar in forest fire prevention projects reduces CO2 levels instead of increasing them. The more uses we find for biochar, the more we can help prevent climate change!Click here to read our article about the benefits of biochar! How to use Biochar Supersnacks for Houseplants:For existing potted plants, simply sprinkle our charged biochar fertilizer over your soil and water it in. Use two tablespoons per gallon of soil.When repotting, you can pre-mix two tablespoons of Biochar Supersnacks per gallon of potting mix to supercharge your soil!



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