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Agrivoltaic Irrigation

Agrivoltaic systems can double revenue streams, increase crop value, make the solar output more efficient - all while saving water, meeting long-term renewable energy goals, and assuring a secure long-term food supply.

Alternatives to Grass Lawns

We can find alternatives to lawns such as gardens, drought-tolerant grass varieties or clover instead.

Gifts for Plant Lovers

These selections represent some of the best gardening tools available. The plant lovers in your life are sure to appreciate them!

Bonsai Watering

Since bonsai normally don't have much soil in the pot, watering needs much more attention than with most other plants and changes depending on the tree type, temperature, season, and microclimate.

Capillary Mat Systems

Grow more healthy plants & still save water, time, and money.

Capillary Pot Systems

Find out about a revolutionary new system that stops most transplant shock, speeds up harvest, and preserves the living soil web.

Desert Irrigation

Desertification has been called "humanity’s biggest threat to survival."


Scientists expect the risk of large wildfires to increase sixfold during the next 20 years.

Greenhouse Irrigation

Greenhouses create a very different kind of growing environment, and so, they benefit from specialized irrigation systems.

Harvest Results, Blumat vs. Hand Watering

Most of us know that soil moisture levels influence crop yields. But how much?

Health and Houseplants

A surprising amount of stress-relief comes from taking care of plants.

Houseplant Watering

Your plants can take care of themselves while you are on vacation or otherwise busy with the rest of your life.

Monstera Care

Learn the basics ofmonsteracare, as well as some solutions to common problems when growing these types of plants.

Living Soil Irrigation

Living Soil Irrigation relies on beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria, focusing on creating healthy soils that take care of the plants.

Off-Grid Irrigation

Places with some of the most critical and important irrigation needs don't have electricity, fuel, or water pressure, so the best watering solutions use only gravity.

Permaculture Irrigation

The Permaculture style and its methods underlie our watering system design, product development, and business philosophy.


Here are some of the best ideas and methods to meet the challenge of caring for plants when they’re young, small, and vulnerable.

Rainwater Irrigation

We can help design rainwater systems that efficiently move and use the rainwater you collect.

Regenerative Water Use

Unsustainable agriculture and inefficient urban water use causes or contributes to erosion, floods, fires, desertification, water and crop loss. What can we do?

Rooftop Gardens

Find out about this technique that can provide food, reduce fire risk, improve insulation values, and more.

Root Demand Irrigation

This technique makes the dream of regenerative and sustainable agriculture real while, at the same time, preventing pollution and increasing carbon sequestration.

Spring Garden Planning

Planning your spring garden now you can solve the challenge of having more gardening goals than time to accomplish them.

Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Village seeks to provide enlightened irrigation solutions for modern urban settings.


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