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Living Soil Irrigation

Blumat and BluSoak irrigation systems create the ideal moisture and vigorous,dynamic living soil.

Instead of depending on fertilizers, various nutrients, and additives, Living Soil Irrigation relies on beneficial microbes, fungi and bacteria. Instead of focusing on the plants themselves, it focuses on creating healthy soils to take care of the plants. Like fine wine from grapes grown in different soil types, users report major gains in yield and quality as well as increased pest and disease resistance. The irrigation designs need to be a little different, because we are nurturing the soil rather than just a root ball. Since microbes go dormant both when the soil is too wet as well as too dry, the benefits of Blumat systems multiply. Mulches, cover crops, Blumat and BluSoak systems provide the ideal conditions to grow soil. Photo credit: @teamterpene

Mushrooms sprouting in between rows of BluSoak.
With living soil,the Mycorrhizae thrives in the enviroment.
Useing Straw as mulch helps the living soil enviroment.

Beneficial Microbes Proliferate When Soil Stays in the Optimal Moisture Zone

Beneficial microbes thrive when the soil is in the ideal moisture zone

Good cover crops increase soil health while providing great mulching materials. Quality mulching is a key to successful Living Soil systems. Run a line of BluSoak just under or in the middle of mulch and you will prepare a gourmet meal for the worms, who come up for dinner, aerate your soil, and give you the highest quality worm castings (one of the best fertilizers!)

A study in mulching has shown to decrease evaporation and increases water retention and encourages even soil moisture distribution in the soil for three consecutive years. We highly recommend mulching when using BluSoak for healthier soil, plants and reduced water use.

In living soil beds the roots will tend to grow around the BluSoak, further increasing the plants' ability to absorb water. This is especially noticeable when the BluSoak is placed on the soil surface and a mulch layer is applied on top. A wonderful environment is created conducive to decomposition, microbial health and worm activity.

Mycorrhizae will also work in symbiosis with the BluSoak, extracting water as needed and facilitating the delivery of inputs to the plant.

Blumats and Living Soil

Don't have straw? use canabis trimmings.

With the ability to maintain a consistent, customizable moisture level throughout your entire soil strata, Blumats are the perfect companion for Living Soil. Access to on-demand moisture allows for a lush, thriving microbiome of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi, nematodes, worms, bacteria and more.

Soil microbes need a consistent environment to continue to grow and expand. If the soil becomes too wet or too dry, microbes can not thrive. Research shows that many soil microbes will go into a state of dormancy or lower function when exposed to periods of staying too wet or dry. Blumats keep the entire soil profile evenly moist allowing these microbes to flourish around the clock, breaking down organic matter, and making nutrients plant-available.

Compost Tea Kits

This compost tea kit cultivates an aerobic enviroment for your micro-organisms

Compost teas increase the microbial life in your soil, add easy-to-absorb nutrients, and feed the beneficial microbes as well as the plants themselves. Use this Compost Tea Kit and your own reservoir and ensure a tea full of beneficial, aerobic organisms.

We also have a complete kit installed in a five gallon, high-quality bucket. 

More About Living Soil

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