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Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Our Top Suggestions

Invest in gifts that your friends and family will appreciate and use. These selections represent some of the best gardening tools available. The plant lovers in your life are sure to appreciate them! Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

Blumat Classics

Blumat Classic plant watering stakes automatically water your houseplants while preventing both over and under watering. They are perfect for plant-lovers who need to travel!


Biochar Houseplant "SuperSnacks"

Both a houseplant superfood and a climate change preventer, these "SuperSnacks" hold more moisture and nutrients in your planting mix, help prevent root rot, and - at the same time - reduce CO2 levels by keeping carbon in your soil and out of the air.


Blumat Bottle Adapters

Blumat Bottle Adapters keep your plants happy, decrease your time watering, and help keep plastic bottles out of landfills.

bottle adapters

Blumat Digital Moisture Meters

Instead of guessing when and how much water your plants need, let the soil moisture tell you. This super-accurate, professional moisture meter gives precise readings and helps you nurture microbes and other beneficial microorganisms in your soil or potting mix.

moisture meters

Blumat Indoor Kit for Small Plants

This indoor kit takes care of your plants when you’re on vacation and makes watering easier and more effective when you’re at home. It includes 4 regular Blumat Classics and 2 Blumat Classic XL for larger plants.

indoor kit

Blumat Multi-Big-Houseplant Vacation Kit

A kit designed for larger houseplants and for longer times without needing to refill a reservoir, this kit includes a 5 gallon reservoir, a long water line, 12 Blumat Classics, and fittings. You can turn your rooms into jungles with this one!

vacation kit

Blumat Glass Watering Globes

Both beautiful and functional, these hand-blown glass watering globes keep your plants steadily watered while making them look better. They’re a gift that reminds your friends and/or relatives how much they appreciate you!

watering globes

Copper Plant Mister

Most misters don’t look good, get stored out-of-sight, and become hard-to-find when you need them. This one looks so good it’s like a piece of art - a durable, practical one that increases humidity, cleans dust off leaves, and keeps plants from drying out so fast when space heaters make the air dry on cold days.

plant misters
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