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Sustainable Cities

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Sustainable Village seeks to provide enlightened irrigation solutions for modern urban settings.

School and Community Gardens

Teaming up with schools and communities to share knowledge and foster the relationship between people and the food they eat.

Carbon Sponge - New York Hall of Science Blumat Garden imageAccess to green spaces reduces risk of anxiety and dexpression by 17% - source

A group of artists, scientists, agroecologists, gardeners and educators created Carbon Sponge, a project that researches the potential for urban soils to sequester carbon, decrease greenhouse gases and build healthy soil. We designed an automatic Blumat irrigation system for their exhibit/experiment at the New York Hall of Science.

Rooftop Green Space Design

Designing irrigation systems for rooftops which maximize convenience and efficiency while minimizing water use.

Green Roof - Sustainable Urban Food SystemsGreen roof infographic

Urban Farming

Collaborating with farms to create better access to fresh food, no matter where you live.

Blue City - Sustainability Hub, Brooklyn, NY

Turning an old barge into a floating garden, Blue City serves as an example of sustainable food systems in Brooklyn, New York. We designed and installed a custom irrigation system using Blumats and BluSoak.

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