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Your Plants Can Take Care Of Themselves!

Amazon’s Top Choice

Customers like the quality, ease of use, and performance of the anchor stake. For example, they mention it’s easy to set up and works well. Some appreciate the appearance. That said, opinions are mixed on water delivery and value.

  • 5 out of 5 stars “Worked great while I was traveling!” – Abe

How it works

Classics siphon water from a vase, jar, or from anything that holds water into your houseplants for as long as the container has water. You can leave for weeks and not worry! They also make it much easier to water when you’re at home; just fill up the water container. You adjust the amount of water the plant receives by lowering or raising the container, you can adjust for anything between cactus and tropical plants

Water Your Plants While You Travel

Going on vacation? On a business trip? Need help watering your plants?

We can help!

An unexpected trip without time to prepare? Time to prepare but you forgot about your houseplants? Maybe you don’t feel comfortable giving someone you don’t know well the key to your house just so they can water your houseplants?

Blumat Classics to the rescue!


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