Capillary Pot Systems

A revolutionary new system that stops most transplant shock, speeds up harvest, and preserves the living soil web.

Capillary Pots Infographic

Bottomless pots and capillary mats make an ideal partnership. Because the water comes from the bottom, roots spread out and grow down instead of only out. The tiny holes in the cap mat top layer prevents the roots from growing into it but keeps them ready for a new home. To transplant outside or into a bigger pot or bed, just pick up and put the pot on top of your soil or planting mix - no need to dig a hole and cut into the soil’s microbe networks.

Capillary Pots

You can add to a system you already have, order the individual parts separately, or start off with these two sample kits.

Bottomless Pots

Made from a breathable fabric, these pots provide better aeration and air pruning for healthier roots. Put on top of a capillary mat or just a saucer, plant clones, starts or seeds, and - when roots have grown - just put on top of a living soil bed or bigger pot. After harvesting, you can plant again in the same pot after the old roots biodegrade or put another pot-with-plant next to the first.

Capillary Mats

Made from a felt-like material, capillary mats supply water by wicking moisture up from the bottom - when the planting mix and roots dry, it automatically pulls moisture up. In university studies, this normally saves 70% of the water use and 92% of the labor costs while making plant growth faster with bigger yields.

Cap Mat Irrigation Systems

We design and supply irrigation kits and designs for gravity and pressure water lines, for automatic, timer, and manual water supply systems.

Bottomless Pots Alone

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