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About Blumat Watering Systems

Use Blumats To:

  • Automatically maintain the best moisture levels.
  • Help create ideal plant growing conditions.
  • In salt-based systems typically save at least 50% of nutrient costs.
  • Produce higher yields and quality.
  • Save huge amounts of time and work, sometimes even marriages!
  • Blumats are not expensive, they are an investment that quickly pays for itself and gives an amazing return.

How it Works

Fill the Tropf-Blumat with water (not used for watering but to create a tensiometer connected to a valve). When the soil gets dry, the Blumat releases water onto the soil. The pressure goes down inside the cone as a result and a valve opens. Once the soil is moist enough, the water is drawn back slowly into the Tropf-Blumat through the clay cone and the valve closes. A simple principle of physics but highly effective and reliable for many years.

The Difference

The heart of the Blumat products is the clay cone. It is in direct contact with the soil and roots and measures the moisture exactly where it is important. Each clay cone is a stand-alone sensor that regulates the release of water independently. As a result, every individual plant regulates watering itself, totally individually and as required. You save time and money and enjoy healthy, beautiful plants.

Want More Information?

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