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Bonsai Watering

The less potting soil a plant has, the more often it needs water

Bonsai blumats in pots

Reports show that up to 75% of new Bonsai trees die during their first month in a new home. Because they usually have very little planting mix, they easily dry out too much without frequent watering. Too much water, however, can also create big problems. Our new Blumat Bonsai kits solve both these problems while saving you huge amounts of both time and anxiety.

Read more about Blumats for bonsai here.

Blumat Bonsai Kits

We grow Bonsai here, test different kinds of systems, and now have auto-irrigation systems for Bonsai in small pots, large pots, for indoor, outdoor, and an ingenious quick-connect for trees that go in and out.

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